Clime Capital Limited (ASX:CAM) offers investors the opportunity to buy into a top performing listed investment company. Our focus is to protect and grow capital by investing in quality companies, at a time when they are undervalued by the market. Clime invests in a diversified portfolio of businesses, trusts and interest bearing securities using value investment principles.

The Clime investment company structure offers a number of key advantages to investors:

  • Clime pays quarterly dividends to ordinary & preference shareholders.
  • Clime will protect your investment. We are investors not traders, and our first priority is to protect capital.
  • Clime has the ability to look across listed asset classes to seek returns – a great advantage in an environment where many managers are often forced to be fully invested in one asset class.
  • Clime has a strong and experienced team of value focused investment professionals.
  • Clime’s flat management structure makes it nimble, able to make fast investment decisions and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
  • Clime’s focus on quality lowers your risk in an uncertain market.
  • Clime will not be a forced seller of securities in difficult times (unlike a managed fund).
  • Clime will not be a forced buyer at inopportune times, as our mandate allows us to hold cash.
  • Many investors talk tough about buying when prices are low and selling when they are high. In reality, few buck the trend. Clime is one exception.